About HSSP

Many development programmes have been taken to implement ‘vision 2021’-a far-sighted plan by the leader and Honorable Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. The government has marked education sector as the most important sector. As a part of this, modern education policy has been dropted to ensure the right of education for all. Female education has become widespread in our country. Many practical measures have been taken to attract all the learners, including female learners to education. Keeping this objective/goal, Higher SSP stranded functioning Providing stipend at the Higher secondary and Higher education level.  It also involves learners in creating better employment opportunity, removing poverty and in various socio-economic activates. Measures have been taken so that the deprived students do not drop out from higher secondary education because of lack of fund. Under this project, government is giving stipend and other financial facilities to 40% female students and 10% male students admitted in HSC level. The poor students have got the opportunity to continue their education. The social status of women is increasing and they are being empowered. Social mobility is increasing. After all, poverty is being alleviated. Bangladesh is going ahead towards becoming as a developed country.


The Ministry of education (MOE) has taken many development programmes to build digital Bangladesh. E-governance has already been established in many levels of education. As a result of this, ICT has been introduced for the first time in HSSP. The Stipend money and other facilities are gradually being distributed among Higher Secondary students all over Bangladesh through mobile banking. As a result, the students can receive stipend money at any time from anywhere. Bank officials, Institution’s head, Upazila secondary education officers and other related persons can perform their work in no time and can save their working hours.


Higher Secondary Stipend Project (HSSP) is a project where the government of Bangladesh providing stipends and tuitions fees to poor eligible students at 11 and 12 grade students in 487 Upazillas which was taken earlier and got approved by the ECNEC dated here the overview of the Project given below


Name of project : Higher Secondary Stipend Project (HSSP)
Sponsoring Ministry/Division : Ministry of Education
Executing Agency : Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE)
Estimated cost of the Project : Taka-51275.35 lakh.
Source of funding : GOB
Project Implementation period : July 2014 to June 2017.
Location of the Project : All over Bangladesh.